Movie - What the Bleep do we know?

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Our way of break thrue from the old age to the new one
Amazing view and well based on cientific and espiritual meaning of seeing things and life, our lives. And with an open mind and heart its understendable.
Sorry my bad english, but i´m Portuguese. - Narciso , posted 12/06/10
Mind popping
It was a documentry film and you do have to watch all of it before making your mind up. It really makes you question everything and deals with allot of issues that may upset people.

Its worth mentioning that there was once a time when the theory that the earth was round was scoffed at by the most intelligent minds on the planet... - Unsubscribed , posted 04/06/06
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it's meant to be humorous
not everyone will like this movie - it's full of QUANTUM PHYSICS, and the experts in the feild talkto the camera often. They do crazy little anmated bits, silly situation, to illustrate what they are explaining, to make it more fun, and less dry, as the higher levels of science tend to be. Don't watch without a sense of humor and an open mind. - Rob , posted 11/16/05
Ugh, I hated it.
I couldn't finish it. Terrible acting and absurd scenarios not to mention repetitive pseudo-science.

I agree completely with the review below...that there are two major problems with the film, bad science and a bad movie. - DeAnna , posted 10/19/05
Incredible movie - not for slow thinkers....
Talk about blowing the mind. "Thought is as real as mattern, maybe more so" etc. And these are the brightest minds on teh planet, so I have to listen.

Left me feeling great, and hopeful, and thinking for days. - AngelDMort , posted 10/10/05

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